Attractions in Wellington

Carter Observatory
The Carter Observatory is a fun attraction for both children and adults who are staying near the Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Visitors will truly "get into space" at this top observatory in the country. View stars and planets that are located throughout our solar system and learn a little bit about each one. View planetarium shows in the state of the art planetarium and take a journey into outer space. Guests can even take a look through a 144 year old telescope for an up-close view into the sky.

Moari Arts Gallery
The Moari Arts Gallery is known as "New Zealand's premium supplier of Maori art". Visit the gallery and take a look at some fine pieces created by local artists. These traditional Maori arts and crafts can also be purchased and displayed in your home. Bone framed art, canvas paintings, carvings reflecting ancient patterns, feather art, and greenstones are just a few type of artwork that visitors will see when browsing the Moari Arts Gallery. Uniquely shaped pendants made from paua, greenstone, bone, and mother of pearl each represent their own meaning and can be worn to show your beliefs.

Those who need spiritual help, guidance or simply would like some insight into their life can visit TAROT Zamm, a Wellington Tarot Card Reader. After your flight into the airport or before your flight out, take a stop at this attraction to see what the future holds for you. Get a reading and learn about the possibilities of your life, see if your worries and doubts are a concern and see if your soulmate if really who you think they are. Tarot card readings can provide you with everything from exploring your past life to gaining answers about your current situations. Zamm will read your tarot fortune for you and uses two different decks depending on your needs.

Blackmore & Best Gallery
Jane Blackmore is a Wellington artist that showcases her work at the Blackmore & Best Gallery. The gallery shows current work, recent work and small works on display that are for sale. These oil and acrylic paintings represent different emotions. Some works of art that you may see in the gallery include paintings of the ocean, landscapes, and sunrises.

Adrenalin Forest
Head to the Adrenalin forest and live life on the edge. This multi-level aerial obstacle course both challenges you and allows you to have fun in a unique environment. Make your way through ropes and across ziplines to see how far you're prepared to go.